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LÝSA is a lamp in 2D with soft and minimalistic lines. We got rid of the unnecessary to keep only the essential. Julie - Designer
Switch on LÝSA and create your own light
Enjoy an experience from the first moment. The stunning look of LÝSA will become familiar and reassuring. Adding a touch of fun to your household. Play with the different atmospheres Develop an affinity with your lamp. Allow yourself the possibility of easily changing the ambiance. With the many elements available you can adapt the light according to the use, person and place.
3 versions of LÝSA
LÝSA SWOW ON / OFF SWITCH Choose the simplest ON / OFF model. Light up your interior in an instant, and spread soft, warm light through the room.
LÝSA PURE TOGGLE SWITCH This model incorporates two predefined atmospheres : a soft warm light and a vivid cool one, allowing maximum comfort.
LÝSA SMART SENSOR DIMMER This version combines dimmer technology and gesture. Choose the light intensity by caressing the wood and make this lamp the ultimate gadget for decorating your interior.
HIGH-TECH LED High-efficacy 5W
3 operating mode
588 lumens
"Less is more"
It focuses on the essential
It combines form and function DESIGN


Eco-friendly process
Because it is important to use renewable materials,
Because we can no longer create without considering the imprint we leave behind,
And because we need to give the good example,
All the products created around LÝSA are made according to eco-friendly processes.
Light source : LED high efficacy 5W
Luminous flux : 588 lumens
Color temperature : 3000K to 4000K
Wood : Natural varnished beech plywood Steel : Painted steel Electric cable : Textile cable
Power supply : Plug transformer 24 VDC, 90-240 VAC
Dimensions : H65 X L41 wood thickness 3cm
Base : 23 cm diameter
Weight : 2 kg
Assembly : by hand
The idea for this lamp was born in the wild open spaces of Iceland, where the cosy interior life is part of the local culture. The warmth of the wood and the conviviality of the light allowed LÝSA to come to life. “LÝSA” is none other than an Icelandic verb meaning to “expose, light up or illuminate”. Other inspirations came and went ; she is the fruit of many encounters and the hope of more to come.
"Whilst working on LEDs, I was seduced by the quality of the light produced and I became aware of the autonomy that such a component could offer to designers. The desire to create a fun but functional product which would integrate this technology was born. The ideas which emerged made me think of the curves of a human body The design had to be simple, smart and arousing." JULIE, DESIGNER
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